Thursday, November 20, 2008

Casual Chic Zakkiyah Tunic

Zakkiyah Tunic Set by Hijabi Couture
This beautiful tunic can be worn so many ways. Many of the clothes that I design, I design to be multi-functional. You could wear the above tunic with jeans and boots - like in my collage - or you could dress this up with a nice skirt. I just love the new Fatima bags too. They are so funky and modern. Looking at this outfit, it's no wonder my friends call me Sister Bling-Bling. To order the Zakkiyah Tunic click on the link below, or please contact Najea here or at

Cinnamon with Bronze and Brown

Black with Black and Silver


Habayeb said...

really pretty masha'allah...

Anonymous said...

Love this look... plus I am happy to see that you are available to US. I am curious to know are you married to a Moroccan guy? If so we have that in common. My husband is from Rabat. I was in Morocco all summer and I have to say I was very frustrated at the lack of plus size clothing and shoes over size 41. I was given a beautiful abaya with crystals on it. Kind of that Dubai feel. Do have things like that as well?

Keep up the great job....Love the blog.....Saving my pennies so maybe I can buy something soon


Anonymous said...

Selam Sisters
I wanted to purchase these items but, I don't see any links to re-direct me to that site. Am I missing something?

Francesca Najea Lujan said...

As-Salaamu-Alaikum Sisters,
Habayeb and Malek, it's so nice to know that you are following my blog! Thanks alot!
I am married to a great American muslim. He is so supportive of me and this company and I am very fortunate - alhamdulilah! I pray you are as fortunate as I am.
The Zakkiyah Tunic and the Hand of Fatima Bag can be purchased through paypal. The account is I am meeting with my webmaster today to see if we can get the website working properly. Until we do, I have stock and you can order directly from me. You can contact me directly at
Thanks for your interest in Hijabi Couture!
Francesca Najea Lujan

Francesca Najea Lujan said...

No abayas yet! But, I drew out a unique design that I have to work-on. Stay posted - your ideas are most appreciated.
Your Sister,

Anonymous said...

Really nice mashAllah!!:)