Friday, January 23, 2009

Real-Life Hijabi Couture Fashionista

Today, I introduce to you a Real Life Hijabi Couture Fashionista, the very lovely Sister Zakkiyah. When I saw this picture all I could say was: "WOW! Now that's how you wear a hat with hijab!". Isn't she just gorgeous? That's my Lil' Homie Zakkiyah who I wrote about here. If you missed that blog, I wrote about how she so generously showed up at my house with the beautiful hijab I have on in that picture. Blue was her favorite color way back then. Then, I came into her life and, well, added a little more color! (In more ways than one.) When I first saw this picture, I hadn't realized that she's wearing a Hijabi Couture hijab I gave her. She is such a lovely sister, an ideal muslima in every sense of the word. She studies the deen more than any sister I have ever known, visits the sick and does all that she can to help others. Honestly, the beauty that you see here, radiates from the inside out and I wanted to share her with you. I'd also like to ask you to say a prayer for her because she is recovering from surgery.

When I first saw the fabric below, I thought of her because she loves to tie-die. So, I added it to last year's collection, with her in mind. In that collection, I used the fabric for that kaftan and the Safiya tunic, which you can find here. She was my first customer to add it to her collection. So, I gave her the hijab above to compliment this kaftan. I have to say, I think she wears them fabulously.

If you are a real life Hijabi Couture Fashionista and would be so generous as to let us feature you or if you would like to steal Zakkiyah's style, please contact Najea at

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Kaftan: Inspired by Sunshine!

I designed this inspired by the sun and wanted to post it today, because I wish I had more sunshine in my life. It is so cold here, which I really dislike. It has put me somewhat in a slump. I must have SAD also known as Seasonal Affective Disorder. Do any of you feel like this? If you do, how do you shake it and if you don't - how do you avoid it?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Denim Skirt and Jacket: Wearing Hijabi Couture On Inauguration Day

Proud! I am so excited about The Change that has come to America, I think it should be an International Holiday! Above you have what I would be wearing to the Inauguration, if only I were there. The skirt and jacket above are available for sale on a link below. Are you excited too?

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Here you have our complete winter collection. We hope that you like love it. We've made this line more casual and "date night". We hope that it is exactly what you need. To order Hijabi Couture, please scroll through this blog, you will find our many different styles and sizes below. Once we know the weight of your order, we will inform you of the least expensive and fastest shipping options available. We have a money-back guarantee, if you aren't completely satisfied with your order. We also honor custom requests. If you have any questions, please contact Najea at Thanks for visiting Hijabi Couture!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Hijabi Couture Hijabs and Accessories

The lovely scarf featured above comes with and without the matching bag. They come in a rainbow of colors: many shades of blues, blacks, purples, oranges, beiges, tans, greys and the list goes on. The scarves cost $10.00 and the coordinating hand-made bag costs $10.00 too.

With and Without Coordinating Bag