Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Black Is Beautiful!

This is a lovely linen cover-up. It's modern and chic yet modest. Also available in white linen for $75.00 USD.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What do You Think of My Princess Jasmine Pants?

I love some loose wide-legged pants! Don't you? So, I designed these loose pants to have an adjustable waist - they expand very wide over the hips and then button close around your waist to your present size. You can also wear these high or low waisted, depending on the look you want. The ankles have a matching closure and buttons; so that you can wear them hanging loose like the picture or tight like tradional harem pants. I made these pants out of the same the fabric as my safiyah, fringe and zakkiyah tunics. These are just samples at this point. Before I produce them in sizes, I want to know what you think. Please let me know, do you like this style too? If I produce these, they will cost $35.00. Do you think that is a fair price?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pearl and Gold Fringe Dress

I love this sooooo much. It is also available in black with silver and plum with lavender. Do you love it too?


Saturday, April 4, 2009

For Ange Over at Hegab-Rehab

I once put up a survey asking sister's what they need most for their Spring wardrobe's. Ange said she needs an abaya to run to the Supermarket and around town to do her errands in. I told her I knew just what she was talking about and that I was working on it! After designing and creating samples that had to be redone, I finally came up with the right colors and cut.
Finally, after lots of work, I introduce you to my all-new Sporty Diamond Jilbab. I hope that Ange will find what she needs and that my other sisters who haven't said so, see what they have always been dreaming of here! It's available in navy blue with light blue and off-white embroidery for $60.00 USD.
I'm making a very sporty hijab to go with it out of lycra. The hijab's pictures will be out soon, insh'Allah. This is one of my favorite items of clothing, honestly, I'm in love with this jilbab! I could wear it everyday since it's so comfortable. So, I will soon be introducing it in brown with burnt orange and off-white trim too. DO YOU LOVE IT TOO?


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Royal Blue Sporty Hijabi

I just love to be sporty and to do sports. This is what I recently wore when I went hiking. If you look closely, this top has gorgeous royal blue buttons that run down the side of this cross-over tunic, made of lycra. $50.00 USD for the set. A real bargain, very limited edition.


Blue Sapphire Tunic

I love this beautiful sapphire blue on this black background. I have decided not to make the future models with the embroidery in the middle. I also made some nice loose-fitting drawstring pants like these in black, cinnamon and tan. They have pockets and are made of a nice soft fabric. Aside from the extra embroidery, the design is a go as far as I am concerned, what do you think?


For My Abaya Lovers

Beautiful Black Diamond Abaya. Sewn of unique hand-made cloth from the Sahara Desert. Fully lined in a soft natural fiber fabric. Each cloth is hand-made and dyed and unique. Very slight variations exist in each model. Very limited edition.


In Memory of My Father

Inna Lilayhi wa inna lilahee raji30n. Without knowing that my father had passed, I drew out a sketch for my butterfly dress. I quickly finished it and loved it so that in the middle of my grief, it made me smile. There is something very angelic and peaceful about it. My father loved blue. Allah yarhamu.