Friday, November 21, 2008

Fabulous Fringe Chocolate Tunic

Hijabi Couture Brown Fringe Tunic by Hijabi Couture

Fringe is funky, fringe is hot, fringe is girly and mixed with the above accessories, our fringe tunic is Boho-Glam! What the picture doesn't show you is how rich and lovely this fabric and the trim are. I included the golden jeans because this trim has a slight hint of gold in it's thread that is to die for. For my many sisters who aren't bling-blingy, this tunic would look sophisticated with a pair of khakis and boho-chic over a pair of jeans with some funky boots. Once again, Hijabi Couture offers you a multi-functional fabulous garment. This tunic is also available in cream with caramel embroidery. For orders and inquires, please contact Najea here or at

Brown with Gold and Off-White Trim and Embroidery

White with Caramel Trim and Embroidery

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