Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Me In Hijabi Couture

I got many compliments on my new Hijabi Couture outfit today. I really love this outfit for so many reasons. The first is because my girl Zakkiyah was once wearing the hijab I have on here. I complimented her on it and the very next day, she arrived at my house with it in a gift bag - perfumed. Now, that's sisterhood! I also just love the way that our Jamilah tunic has turned out. If you can zoom in on this photograph you will be able to see that the extra touches and embroidery are very beautiful. I am very pleased with the color combination. You have no idea how I agonize over the color choices and the dying process. I am also pleased with this skirt. At first I had asked for it to be stone-washed and was dissappointed with the fact that it couldn't be due to time constraints. At the end of the day, I am very happy with the shade of blue that we have. Lastly, I love this outft because is a combination of many qualities that I admire: modest, casual, classy, feminine, modern and marvelous. You could wear it to work, to the park with the little ones, for a romantic stroll with your hubby or out shopping with your girls. I originally took this picture to e-mail my girl Zakkiyah and thank her again for the pretty hijab. But, decided to upload it here to the blog in honor of Zaenab who said she wants to see my clothes on a person. So, here you have it! This is the new Jamilah Tunic from my winter collection and the newly named Jamilah denim skirt - modeled by ME, a non-model, Hijabi Couture, Creative Executive Officer . The two are modestly priced at $35.00 USD each.

Dark and Light Blue


hijabee said...

So cute! You look great mashallah

Anonymous-Muslimah said...

So, how do I order this outfit? I went to look for it at your website, but couldn't find it. Please, let me know. It's beautiful and I would love to have an outfit just like this one. Thanks! Teena