Saturday, November 15, 2008

About Us

Hijabi Couture founder and CEO, Francesca Najea Lujan is an American clothing designer, spoken word poet, educator, wife and mother of African American, Spanish, Cherokee and English decent, currently living in Morocco.

Lujan was raised in Mexico and in New York City’s South Bronx during the fabulous hip-hop era of the 1980’s. Before converting to Islam, Lujan studied screen writing and worked in the TV and film industry with countless talents such as film director Spike Lee, Wesley Snipes, Mary J. Blige, and Grand Puba, . After obtaining an MA in the late 90’s Lujan became a professor and nationally known multi-lingual spoken-word poet, a style of performance poetry categorized in the hip-hop genre.

“As a poet and teacher, I used my knowledge of hip-hop to bridge the gap between what my students knew - hip-hop - and what I wanted them to learn, poetry.”

Now living in Morocco, Lujan unites her love of art, poetry, education and people. She splits her time as an Educational Director and CEO of her dream venture, Hijabi Couture, a clothing company that meets the needs of today's modern woman. Which lives up to it’s tag line “international, modern, modest and marvelous”, Lujan strives to bring her past experiences into how Hijabi Couture is packaged and presented.

While fulfilling the needs of Muslim women world wide, Hijabi Couture is also committed to its “Commerce with a Conscience” international education program that supports orphans’ education through creative means.

“I’m pleased that through Hijabi Couture we are able to express my passion for developing creative ways to educate. Not only will a portion of the proceeds of each sale go toward securing education for the under-priveleged orphans in developing countries, but also expanding to support to educational programs for orphans in the United States.”

Learn more about how you can support Hijabi Couture’s “Commerce with a Conscience” education program, please scroll down on the blog."
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Habayeb said...

masha'allah, love ur blog!

Feliciar said...

Thanks for keeping in touch, Francesca. Your clothes are beautiful and it's great to hear that you are doing well.

NYC Writing Project

Francesca Najea Lujan said...

Thanks for dropping by and commenting.
God Bless You,
Francesca Najea Lujan