Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Blue Sapphire Tunic

I love this beautiful sapphire blue on this black background. I have decided not to make the future models with the embroidery in the middle. I also made some nice loose-fitting drawstring pants like these in black, cinnamon and tan. They have pockets and are made of a nice soft fabric. Aside from the extra embroidery, the design is a go as far as I am concerned, what do you think?



Anonymous said...

ASA Najea,
I love this outfit!!!! I not really one for abayas, but I really like this!!! How much is it?

Anonymous said...

nice top!!!

Francesca Najea Lujan said...

Thanks Ladies, this tunic costs $40.00 USD.

Ummjuwayriyah said...

As salamu alykum Najea, Its Umm J. Just stopping to check on you anf boy have you been busy! Mashallah alyki! Okay, so this blue sapphire tunic is calling me, lol! Are you in the States yet? I want to make order!