Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sweet Sistahs by Najea "Eloquence" Lujan

I dedicate this one to my sisters
Because life is so much
Sweeter when I’m wit cha’
Who are we?
Beautiful and sisterly
The ladies who
Represent our community
With dignity
Know how to flex
We never surrender
We demand respect
For our gender
How awesome -
The power of femininity
To see our children come
From out of our bodies
From deep inside us
We are the nicest;
Mothers are priceless,
Queenly Like Isis
We’re not
No kinda hottie
Moschino Ho
Or Versace hotchie
We are radiant
No matter the clothes
Labels don’t define us
I am not lying
All my girls are fine;
We have brilliant minds
That what makes us dimes;
We are goodness genuine
That’s why we always shine.
We bounce and creep
From the concrete
Of them city streets
And swim in country creeks
We bounce and bop
To that Bronx beat
And bellydance in the
African and Arab heat
We’ve got Hip hop
In our feet
Our every move
Is sweet
Our styles are unique
We’re rhyme sayers
Real power players
Smooth like pearls
Grown ghetto girls
It's factual
We're international
Por Favor
Mi amor
Call us mamis
Flowing from Spanish
To Arabic and English
Uptown flavor
With a little sazón
For you to savor
No somos todas
Boricuas, muselmanas,
Colombianas, mexicanas
Ni dominicanas
Pero esto si lo somos
Somos 100% DAMAS
From Bronx bombers
To Students with Honors
Beautiful and sisterly
The ladies who
Represent our community
With dignity
We Dem Beautiful
Brownies and blondies
We're not down for whatever
But, we do get our cheddar
Call us butter
Lucious lips
That don’t stutter.
We them
Thick mamas
Beauty bombers-
Like Angela
And Assatta
We are beautiful
Female phenomena.
We don’t bicker about hair
Because we’re too busy
Uniting in prayer
And being there
For our people
Showing that we care
We range from
Light and bright
To dark and black
Like the luscious night
And it’s all right
Because we’re all tight
We feed our seeds
Thanking Almighty Allah
As He provides for our needs
We flip our own whips
We bring home the chips
Epitome of independent
We get the rent
It’s female phenomena
We represent
Ya Ahkawatee
Hear me - Uhibookii
Fisibilah, wa Allahi
Until the day I die.


Empress Anisa said...

Subhanallah... that was beautiful! You are, my beautiful one, an inspiration... MashaAllah!

Hijabi Apprentice said...

Masha Allah sis! That was a profoundly beautiful piece!

**Hijabi is snapping her fingers and bobbing her head!!!

Francesca Najea Lujan said...

As-Salaamu-Alaikum Sister Hijabi,
I'm glad to see you bobbing your head and snapping your fingers! I'm so glad you like the piece. I can't wait until you get your Hijabi Couture order too! :)
Have a great weekend!
Fi Iman Ilah,

Francesca Najea Lujan said...

As-salaamu-alaikum Sis. Anisa,
Aww, that was sweet of you to say! I am inspired by you and feel so much sisterly love for you.
Fi Iman Ilah,

Sacrifice4Allah said...

As Salaamu 'alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatu,

Found your blog through A hijabee in DC.

MashaAllah a great post!

Francesca Najea Lujan said...

Wa-alaikum-salaam-wa-rahmahtullahi-wa-barakatahu Sacrifice4Allah,

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving your comment. I am so glad you like my poem, barak Allah ufeek. Please visit agian and again and again, etc... :)



hijabee said...

Assalamualeikum sister,

This is truly beautiful and profound. I just noticed this picture that you have with your poem and I have this picture on my blog's header. Wallahi I didn't see that you posted this pic before puting it as my header as I've been MIA for a while. I hope you don't mind sister lol.

*~Ange~* said...

i love this pic. im gonna use it on my blog. its so cute. did u make it?

Francesca Najea Lujan said...

As-Salaamu-Alaikum Sisters,
Hijabee, Thanks for the compliment to my poem! :) I WISH I knew how to make cute little cartoon characters on the computer, if I had, I'd be PROUD to share it with you. Since, I didn't - I'm just glad you liked it too!
Ange, Thanks for leaving me a comment. I missed you. I'm glad you liked the picture. I look forward to seeing it on your blog!

American Muslima Writer said...

talk about awesome mashallah.

I can't even pick a favorite verse i just love it all.

Brava masha'Allah!

Francesca Najea Lujan said...


Anonymous said...

salam alayki wa rahmtullah, just heard your poetry and it is fabulous mashallah tabrakallah. I am a writer and a poet too and I was very much enlightened to not be swayed to put my pen down and get wrapped up daily chores of being a housewife.
Would love to get your tracks on mp3 or buy your cd if you have them for sale inshaALLAH.