Friday, December 12, 2008

Cool Blue and Mellow Yellow for Kauthar

The collage above says: Eid Mubarak! Which I'd like to extend to you all and especially to the Umar family, from the bottom of my heart. This collage was inspired by my sister-girl, Kauthar Umar. She wrote my biography, featured below, and has encouraged me to continue on with all of my positive endeavors. I can't thank her and her family enough and certainly can't say enough good things about her. She is a multi-talented sister, a journalist, photgrapher, community-organizer, educator, motivator and special friend. Among many other things that she is blessed with, she is also the beautiful reflection of her tremendous parents, to whom I am forever endebted. Knowing this family is an honor and a pleasure.
The tunic above happens to be one item in my collection I have always imagined on Kauthar, with some nice wide-legged pants and a beautiful hijab. Her style is casual and sophisticated. So, this is a look for an artistic, professional sister on the move. I hope you like it. Do you?
If you would like to order it, please scroll down to the link titled: "Wonderful Winter Wears", where it is featured in pink with plum trim and plum slacks.

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Sis. Najea... you've been tagged!