Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Barak Obama

I want to tell you that I have been jumping for joy all day, but I can't. I've cried so much. I wish my Grandmother had lived to see this day, her mother, her mother, her mother and all of our ancestors who endured slavery, the Jim Crow laws, the cruel South, segregation, discrimination and racism. As good as it has gotten for us, I feel saddness for how bad it was for them.
But, insh'Allah, as it all begins to sink in, I will start to rejoice in the future and what this means for my sons and all of Africa's children. Today, is a day when I feel firmly footed in the cross roads and although I am looking sadly at the road we've come down, I have hope for a better road ahead.

You might wonder what does this have to do with fashion? Well, fashion is a way of expressing the best of yourself. Indeed, a historical day like today is about improving this world. Here I am, an African-African living in Africa, standing in the crossroads - praying to see brighter days down the road.

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nira-muslimah-alwi said...

America needed change!
Finally, this man stepped in to make a change!
We should let the man shine!
I was literally screaming, when he won, its such a big step!